Uplighting & Monogram Lighting

Combine our variety of colored LED Uplighting with a your custom Monogram for a fairy tale event.


Through the use of LED lighting, we can take an ordinary room and make it amazing. Uplighting can add the dramatic, fairy tale effect to your wedding reception or party.

Uplighting  lights are fixed at key locations in the room and projected onto the wall or ceiling, creating vibrant columns of colored light.

Choose from the many different colors available to beautifully match your style, theme or the desired feel you’re looking to achieve.

Monogram Lighting or Gobo

One of the latest trends for weddings and special events is a gobo projector or monogram lighting. This is an image projected onto a wall or dance floor. The image can display the names of the bridal couple, wedding date or monogram.

Sound Xtreme will help you pick out the perfect monogram for your wedding, dance, or event!

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